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6 Ways to Shed the Holiday Weight Without Crying

6 Ways To Shed The Holiday Weight

  Traveling is something the current generation is obsessed with. The idea of traveling is really nice as we get to explore a lot of places and see the world. This also means trying out different kinds of cuisines from all around the world. This, in turn, means binging on food and finally gaining a […]

Flat Belly: Not That Distant A Dream


Getting a flat belly has always been a dream for many of us! Who does not want to lose those extra pounds and get a perfectly healthy body with fantastic fitness? A flat belly not only makes your midriff and naval look super sexy, it is even a sign of you taking care of your […]

Ways To Treat Dark Circles!

almond oil on dark circle

Those late night parties and all nighters don’t seem like a good idea when you are forced to wake up to those unsightly dark circles! Dark circles age your face like nothing can. They make you look dull and tired and can be extremely hard to conceal. Owing to our crazy lifestyles, there is an […]

Skin Care for Brides


Finally the day you were waiting for has come and it’s time for you to live your entire life with your prince charming . And who does not want to look best on this special day? But it is not a magic world and you have to take care of yourself especially your skin, darling! So, to […]

Stay Healthy And Rejuvenate Yourself With Green Tea

green tea lemon

The emerald gardens of the country gift us a very precious herb we call “green tea of hot, fragrant green tea, but”! Green tea is famous for its antioxidant properties and purported health benefits. For thousands of years it’s been believed to cure everything from cancer to headaches. It has a lot of health benefits. […]

Everyday Uses Of Green Tea


Every person who’s into healthy and fitness asa ‘fitness freak’ obsess over this supposedly miraculous drink called green tea. It is supposed to enhance digestion, help in weight loss, reduce the chances of bacterial infections etc. It’s even recommended by diet specialists for a healthy lifestyle. In our quest to nullify the effect of junk […]