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off shoulder top

If I ask you what is your favourite kind of top, what would you say? Let u know in the comments below. And if you ask me, I would say the off shoulder tops. They are cute, sexy and super chic. But yes, I also sometimes face the struggles of wearing the off shoulder tops […]

5 Summer Hacks to make summer the perfect season to have fun!

5 Summer Hacks to make summer the perfect season to have fun!

The full-blown summer with all its upsides of ice-cream and beach days is here but what its also brought along is its oily zit-prone skin, odor and loads of sweat. You girls, however, don’t need to worry. Here are a few perfect summer hacks that will save you from all the downsides of the sunny […]

Lazy Girl Hair Hacks

messy bun

Want beautiful hair without working too hard or spending too much time and effort on styling your hair? Here are a few hair hacks that you can use to make your hair look beautiful and with a lot less effort… 1. Use color eye shadow to color hair Use color eye shadow which is the […]

10 Beauty hacks part 2..

cornstarch for matte nails

Hello guys, I shared with you 10 beauty hacks earlier and here I am with a few more. As I had promised to give you the best beauty hacks, here go the rest of the hacks…. Apply concealer in a V shape Apply concealer in a V shape and not just around it. People usually […]

10 Must know beauty hacks

lens solution in mascara

Last time I shared some amazing fashion hacks. This time I am going to share some amazing beauty hacks with you. I hope you are looking forward to the hack because these hacks will ALWAYS be by your side to save you from beauty blunders. Today’s hacks are those that can fix correct makeup, missing […]

How to Make your Makeup Last Longer


 Most women find it a dilemma to keep their makeup in place or last for even a few hours after application. If you can relate with this then you should read the article as I provide a few trick and tips that will make your makeup last longer or even the whole day. The most […]

14 Fashion hacks every girl must know


Fashion hacks every girl must know… Have you ever encountered problems with clothes, deodorants, odor from clothes, tight shoes, stain on on clothes etc.? I bet every girl or even guys in some cases have faced problems relating to the same. So today I have a few fashion hacks that every girl and even guys […]