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Mermaid Hair: Flip Your Mane Like A Sea Goddess!

To be honest, it’s not ever person’s cup of tea to flaunt mermaid hair but then this is for those hard core fashionistas and crazy people all over the world who would stop at nothing to try out something new and of course, stir the air among the peers! This is a new hair dyeing […]

7 Benefits of Honey That You will Find a Bliss in For Sure

7 ways in which you can use honey

The benefits of honey are not hidden from anyone, right? It is wonderful for your skin, your hair and even helps in weight loss! We wonder if one single product could be as versatile as honey! If you are still not using honey in your diet and skin care regime, then here we give you […]

Detoxifying Essentials For Men

Detoxifying Essentials For Men

Our body is made of about 75% water solution and we do not realize that most of the body gets converted pretty much into a toxic dump. This affects the entire human body, especially the skin. The skin itself is an organ of elimination of the body that transports the excessive toxins through the lymphatic […]

Luscious Locks: Hair Care Tips for Winters!

Hair Care Tips for Winters!

Winters have set in! Time for hot cups of tea, wrapping yourself in jackets and coats and lazing around, enjoying the winter sun! But, girls, if you are thanking your stars for having put an end to all your hair problems from the scorching heat of summers, then hold on, there are a new set […]

Get that chewing gum off your clothes and hair!

Get that chewing gum off your clothes and hair!

We all have been there— you were taking a nice cheerful walk to a park and you sat down on a bench, without realizing that you have got gum stuck on your dress. You have scraped off as much as you could, but the damn gum is still there. Scroll down to read 5 quick […]

Castor Wonders: Simple Oil for Stunning Beauty

Castor Wonders: Simple Oil for Stunning Beauty

Many people are not aware of the thick, glossy, yellow oil which is extracted from the castor beans found mostly in India and Africa. Yeah, I am talking about the multi-therapeutic Castor oil. This shining yellow wonder can enhance your beauty and extend the softness of your stunning young skin for years together with consistent […]

Natural remedies to straighten your hair at home

hot oil for straighten your hair

Straight, smooth, silky and shiny hairs have always been in fashion and will always be in the mere future. They look absolutely stunning and are easier to manage, but often straightening your hair using iron and permanent hair straightening can cause some serious problems to your hair. Some of the common problems include rough and […]

Care for your Hair: Massive Haircare Haul

hair care product

So it’s been a long long vacation away from this place. What have I been doing? I’ve been buying sugar, spice and everything nice. Well actually, I have been travelling, shopping and having fun. You know what I have to show you girls? Well, it’s a delight to the eye but I bet you’d be […]

Ways To Treat Hair Fall!

onion juice for hair

We all have had to endure the bane that is hair fall at some point or the other in our lives. Bouncy, voluminous hair is what we all crave for. But unfortunately the prospect of having flawless hair seems like a distant dream in our day and age. Be it stress or an unhealthy lifestyle, […]

Beauty Benefits Of Vaseline!

vaseline jar

Thought your favourite petroleum jelly was only good enough for dry and chapped skin? Think again! This classic staple has been a part of our households since a hundred years. But it’s use isn’t just limited to soothe irritated skin. There’s so much more a jar of Vaseline can help you with. Be it stray […]