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Hairstyle For Your Face: What Will Suit And What Will Not?

Bob hairstyle

India’s most wanted hairstyles Essentially, your hairstyle is all about your face shape. Now, you may ask, “Why is this so important?” Simply put, if you wear a wrong hairstyle, the consequence can be a disaster. Now, going by the latest trends, you might want to get yourself a bob, a lob, or a pixie. […]

Amazing benefits of milk for skin and hair


How many of you have ignored the good glass of milk when young or still do it? Well, if you are still doing it then let me tell you, milk is one of the healthiest food sources available. In fact, milk is the most used dairy product which contains high content of calcium and other […]

Top 8 Beauty Tips For Monsoon!


Monsoon brings with itself not just beautiful weather and romantic rains but also frizzy hair and oily, sticky skin! As a result of the added humidity in monsoon, our hair and skin go totally haywire. Are you looking for a way to look fresh and runway ready even while battling the monsoon blues? Then look […]

Natural remedies to nourish your curly hair

curly hair

Curly hair is a genetic gift with a likely connection to creativity and an inability to conform . Accepting our wild hair is a part of the spiritual journey toward embracing how God made us, and who Goddess made us to be: creative, passionate, pioneers. If nature has gifted you coiled hair, it also has […]

Skin, hair and other benefits of mango


Mangoes are loved by all. They are fresh and juicy and of course, my favorite. This amazing fruit has a number of skin and hair benefits. Want to know about it? Then, let’s read it here. Skin benefits – Mango is a great source of Vitamin C which is one of the major necessities for […]

5 Amazing Benefits of Honey – A Letter From the Queen HoneyB

honey energy drink

Dear all humans, Since ages honey has not only been used as a popular delicacy in the kitchen but also as a medicine to treat ailments. Known by the name of liquid gold honey has numerous advantages which can heal your entire body. The natural sweetener offers many nutritional benefits. So, this is an open letter […]



Problems like a bad hair day, messy nail paint, tight shoes, stains etc are far too common these days. Instead of spending way too much time on solving such first world problems, I decided it was better to come up with some life hacks to make these small problems disappear fast! Here’s a list of […]

10 Tips To A Healthier Mane!

blow drying

Ever since we were wee little girls, the importance of hair care was fed to us through various means. Be it your grandma constantly reminding you to oil your hair or through childhood fables like Rapunzel that emphasized on the beauty of long, healthy hair. Then why stop caring now? A healthy, glossy head of […]

Beauty Hacks To Save Your Life!

beauty hacks

Wanna look fresh and begin’ everyday without the hassle that comes with it? We here at Wonder Wardrobes have an answer to your prayers! We all desire to look like we just strutted off the runway every fricking’ day, but who has the time for that? Wanna learn quick and easy ways to put your […]

Getting Rid Of An Oily Scalp


The one thing that comes with my naturally good looking hair is an oily scalp. No matter what shampoo I use or how well I wash my hair it just can’t seem to remain non oily. I’ve read remedies like don’t touch your hair too much and avoid over brushing. Some people say don’t wash […]