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5 Hair Colours You Can Never Go Wrong With


Anyone who has ever decided to color their hair knows how confusing it is to pick the right one. A color that not only makes them look different, but also makes their hair look healthy and gorgeous. When it comes to hair, getting the perfect hue is very important. If you want a completely different […]

Kylie Jenner’s Hair looks: Every Colour and Style

Kylie Jenner's - short blue hair

Well we are all familiar with Kylie Jenner’s lip surgery and how the “Kylie Jenner lip challenge” became such a rage on social media websites. But the games which she has been playing with her hair is amazing. And Kylie how do you manage to look so perfect in every hair color or style? How […]

Hair Color? We’d Love To!


  May it be Demi’s pink shaved hair or Deepika’s cocktail highlights we all love to paint ourselves a little too much for others dislike. Experimenting with your self is what all that teenagers want to do right now. Flashy nail paints, hipster outfits, quirky shoes Oh! and a red head as well please. If […]