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Hairstyle For Your Face: What Will Suit And What Will Not?

Bob hairstyle

India’s most wanted hairstyles Essentially, your hairstyle is all about your face shape. Now, you may ask, “Why is this so important?” Simply put, if you wear a wrong hairstyle, the consequence can be a disaster. Now, going by the latest trends, you might want to get yourself a bob, a lob, or a pixie. […]

Must Have Hair Accessories For College Girls

Hair Accessories

Everyone dreams of having beautiful and luscious locks. What make your hair prettier, are hair accessories. Having gorgeous hair is not enough; having the appropriate hair accessories is what completes your look. We bring a few must have hair accessories for your wardrobe. Bobby Pins                     […]

4 Summer Hairstyles That You’ll Love

Hairstyles Messy Bun

As we start getting in the Summer and during the hottest days, I simly know that having long hair is often a nightmare. You just can’t control them, they constantly make you sweaty, itchy and above all annoyed. So, the last few days’ excessive heat (even in England, for god’s shake!) inspired me to write […]

TREND ALERT: Pastel Rainbow Hair!

Blue Green Hair

Would you dare to dye your hair a shade of electric blue? Or maybe candy coloured hues are more your thing? Whatever your preference, our A-Listers are totally on board the pastel rainbow hair bandwagon. The trend is certainly not for the faint of heart! Rocking unconventional coloured hair with sass is what this season […]

A Beautiful Mess: How To Get The Perfect Bed-Head Look

model sporting crimped hair

Move over prim and proper, scruffy is the new chic when it comes to hair trends this season. But the whole just-rolled-out-of -the-bed-hair look is not an easy one to nail. How many times have we wished our hair looked as disheveled yet chic as style icon Alexa Chung’s, and ended up with something just […]