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7 Designer Handbags To Invest In Without Regretting!!

7 Designer Handbags To Invest In Without Regretting!!

Hey, so how many of you out there have a handbag fetish?? A lot of you must be raising your hand right now!! Actually, we all end up buying so many handbags that we are unsure what to do with them. Ladies, it’s sad when such beauties just sit there in your cupboard begging you to take them […]

Luxury At Its Best: The Top Ten Luxury Clothing Brands To Have Graced The Earth!

Luxury Clothing Brands

From Chanel bags and Burberry trench coats to Hermes bags and Louis Vuitton suitcases, luxury brands are taking the world by a storm! Sure,every luxury branded item costs a bomb, but there’s no harm in admiring them, right? A few designer brands have rightfully earned their place and prominence as being the world’s top ten luxury […]


Silver Prada handbag

It is often said that a woman carries her world in her bag and rightly so. Men may not need more than a handful of cash and credit cards to carry with them but so isn’t the case with us women and no matter how much these men taunt us about carrying all sorts of […]

10 Must Haves In Your Handbag For This Summer


In my previous article BIG BAG THEORY: Your Wikipedia of handbags I talked about how bigger, more spacious handbags are trending right now. But why is it so? There must be a reason right? And there is. The summer of 2015 was found to be one of the hottest ever. Add to this excessive pollution, […]