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10 Luscious Sweets Which Wont Up Your Calorie Meter

10 Luscious Sweets Which Won’t Up Your Calorie Meter!

It’s really a strenuous task to resist our mind before the tempting sweets which bring tingling sensation to our mouth. But the sky scraping calories which it withholds in its tiny tasty pieces dwindles our yearning for it. For people who are diet conscious still dying inside for a chance to dig in some delicacies, […]

Say hello to monsoon with these easy-to-go skin and health-care tips!!

monsoon skin care

Monsoon is back! So has arrived the time when you start worrying about the infections that could bump into your skin – anytime, any-day! It is that time of the year when your heart longs to dance to the melody of rains while you enjoy that hot cup of tea sitting by the window pane. What hits […]

8 Dieting Myths That Are Secretly Causing You Harm!

8 Dieting Myths That Are Secretly Causing You Harm!

The word “Diet” is as magical as it’s scary. It can magically give you a healthy and in-shape physique but can cause you harm if followed improperly. We would generally just bunk a few meals per day, avoid chocolates and cakes, and survive on soup to maintain a so called “diet”. *pin-point this* This is […]


Food to improve metabolism

Nowadays all of us are becoming quite health conscious and the need and want of getting a slimmer and fitter body is on many people’s charts. While some of us are blessed with a natural fast metabolism, many are still struggling to lose weight but don’t know for sure what to eat or drink and […]

Foods you thought were good for your health but are not


We are a nation of diet-conscious people. We try new fads and new products. We listen to the promises of fast and easy weight loss advertisements. We also have so many food options that confusion about what’s healthy and what isn’t becomes the norm – from cookies with vitamins to drinks that will help you […]

Foods to Eat During your Pregnancy


Being a mother is one of the best thing that can happen to a woman and it’s a herculean task to take care of that little one growing inside you. Eating for two is not an easy task with so many conflicting information on what to eat and what not. You are confused with what […]