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5 DIY Hair Masks For Beautiful Looking Hair


Everybody wants silky-smooth hair. Whether you have a bob or Rapunzel-like knee length hair, you want them to be nourished, healthy and shiny. You can spend a fortune to buy hair masks. Or… just use some simple ingredients available at your home to make some DIY hair masks! First of all, you can customize each […]

Luscious Locks: Hair Care Tips for Winters!

Hair Care Tips for Winters!

Winters have set in! Time for hot cups of tea, wrapping yourself in jackets and coats and lazing around, enjoying the winter sun! But, girls, if you are thanking your stars for having put an end to all your hair problems from the scorching heat of summers, then hold on, there are a new set […]

Beauty Hacks To Save Your Life!

beauty hacks

Wanna look fresh and begin’ everyday without the hassle that comes with it? We here at Wonder Wardrobes have an answer to your prayers! We all desire to look like we just strutted off the runway every fricking’ day, but who has the time for that? Wanna learn quick and easy ways to put your […]

Getting Rid Of An Oily Scalp


The one thing that comes with my naturally good looking hair is an oily scalp. No matter what shampoo I use or how well I wash my hair it just can’t seem to remain non oily. I’ve read remedies like don’t touch your hair too much and avoid over brushing. Some people say don’t wash […]

Let your hair down!

Long hair

  As the climate is getting worse day by day with no signs of rains, maintaining long hair can really be a task. Moreover, to get that perfect look for the parties is difficult. Here I have tried compiling 10 looks which you can carry this season for the parties and turn heads around when […]

Healthy Hair – The Natural Way

healthy hair

Hair loss and flat hair are recurring problems among women now days. It’s caused due to pollution, emotional stress, excessive blow drying or using too many unnatural products on ones hair. Brands come up with shampoos ranging from hairfall therapy to deep cleanse to even a rejuvenating shampoo equivalent to a spa! But nothing beats […]