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Glowing Skin Made Easy!

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Wonder how some people are blessed with skin that is oh so perfect and bereft of any flaws or imperfections? Apart from some very strong gene game, healthy glowing skin requires some extra TLC. Good skin doesn’t just happen for most people, it requires some looking after. But fret not! Good skin doesn’t necessarily have […]

5 Amazing Benefits of Honey – A Letter From the Queen HoneyB

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Dear all humans, Since ages honey has not only been used as a popular delicacy in the kitchen but also as a medicine to treat ailments. Known by the name of liquid gold honey has numerous advantages which can heal your entire body. The natural sweetener offers many nutritional benefits. So, this is an open letter […]

5 Natural Face Masks for Glowing Skin

Fair and glowing skin

Ever thought that you can have a beautifully glowing, fair and healthy skin just by using the ingredients present in your kitchen. Surprised? Well don’t be! And you know whats the best part? They don’t have any side effects. So here are 5 face packs which you must try on, to get the skin you […]

Beauty Hacks To Save Your Life!

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Wanna look fresh and begin’ everyday without the hassle that comes with it? We here at Wonder Wardrobes have an answer to your prayers! We all desire to look like we just strutted off the runway every fricking’ day, but who has the time for that? Wanna learn quick and easy ways to put your […]

Turn On The Turmeric Magic

Turmeric, commonly known as “Haldi” in India, is a spice derived from the roots of the curcuma longa plant. This Haldi powder is deep orange-yellow in color and has a distinctly earthy, slightly bitter and slightly peppery taste and a mustardy smell due to the presence of a substance called curcumin. This spice has formed […]

Getting Rid Of An Oily Scalp


The one thing that comes with my naturally good looking hair is an oily scalp. No matter what shampoo I use or how well I wash my hair it just can’t seem to remain non oily. I’ve read remedies like don’t touch your hair too much and avoid over brushing. Some people say don’t wash […]

Benefits of Ginger

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The benefits of ginger are well known to the people of our Indian subcontinent and the contents of ginger are very vital for the human body. Ginger contains most of the important vitamins,copper and magnesium which is essential for our body. Here all the benefits of ginger which will definitely change your life. Acne The […]

Home Remedies For Treating Acne & Skin Scars


Acne  is a long-term skin condition characterized by areas of  blackheads , whiteheads ,  pimples , greasy skin , and possibly  Scaring .  The resulting appearance may lead to anxiety  reduced self esteem ,  and in extreme cases, depression .  Acne occurs most commonly during adolescence  affecting an estimated 80–90% of teenagers around the world . For […]

HONEY: 10 wonder ways to use it for your skin


Women have used honey as an antioxidant since time immemorial. Honey is suitable for all skin types and reduces pimples and acne scars, and it’s even a great anti-ageing agent. Combining honey with other super-foods like Papaya, Avocado and even Mandarin are the best ways to bring out honey’s full potential. If incorporated in your […]

Everyday Uses Of Green Tea


Every person who’s into healthy and fitness asa ‘fitness freak’ obsess over this supposedly miraculous drink called green tea. It is supposed to enhance digestion, help in weight loss, reduce the chances of bacterial infections etc. It’s even recommended by diet specialists for a healthy lifestyle. In our quest to nullify the effect of junk […]