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Honey has been lauded in everything form Ayurvedic literature to ancient Greco-Roman medical inscriptions, and these were never old-wives tales either. Science has shown that the effect of honey is like the effect of vaccinations. Honey is made from the pollen collected by bees, which means it carries the micro-elements of the pollen. When it’s […]

Natural remedies to straighten your hair at home

hot oil for straighten your hair

Straight, smooth, silky and shiny hairs have always been in fashion and will always be in the mere future. They look absolutely stunning and are easier to manage, but often straightening your hair using iron and permanent hair straightening can cause some serious problems to your hair. Some of the common problems include rough and […]

HONEY: 10 wonder ways to use it for your skin


Women have used honey as an antioxidant since time immemorial. Honey is suitable for all skin types and reduces pimples and acne scars, and it’s even a great anti-ageing agent. Combining honey with other super-foods like Papaya, Avocado and even Mandarin are the best ways to bring out honey’s full potential. If incorporated in your […]