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Top 8 Over-Water Villas You Must Visit At-least Once

likuliku lagoon resort fiji 2

We have all day dreamed about it at-least once. The white sand, sparkling blue waters, clear skies that seem to go on forever, lush green palm trees swaying in the wind and exotic little birds chirping away. These are the sort of images that you hold onto in your sleep and wish that you never […]

The Best Luxury Hotels in the World

CuisinArt Golf Resort Spa, Anguilla

Luxury travel is a privilege truly experienced by few. Everyone will have a desire to travel and stay in star hotels. Due to change in life style and People’s travel aspirations It is an experience created for your own personal preferences that combines enrichment, enjoyment and education, with the time to appreciate your surroundings at a […]

NewGen Luxury: 5 Best Micro Hotels Around The World

unnamed (16)

Once upon a time, staying in a small hotel meant a chintzy room and a forgettable breakfast, or a grotty motel at the side of a motorway. But now, unrestrained by the shackles of corporate do’s and don’ts, a new wave of young, energetic entrepreneurs are revamping the concept, to create diminutive accommodation in quirky […]