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“Food for Soul”: 6 All Time Favorite Indian Comfort Food!

"Food for Soul": 6 All Time Favorite Indian Comfort Food!

“GOOD FOOD is GOOD MOOD” is what they say! A cent percent true statement! Let’s accept it guys, we Indians, love to eat, be it our oily, spicy samosas and pakoras or the simple homemade dal-roti! The food in India is as diverse and colorful as its culture and people! But, there are times, when […]

How many calories are you eating? Indian Food calorie count


No matter what you eat, ultimately you’re consuming calories. And despite the golden “rule” that celebration calories don’t count as calories, I have to inform you with a heavy heart that they very much do. But one would think that after binge eating burgers and pizzas ie “the unhealthy food”, coming back to our good […]