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8 Stunning Stage Decoration Ideas For Indian Weddings

8 Stunning Stage Decoration Ideas For Indian Weddings

It’s time to start sparkling because wedding season is around the corner! With wedding outfits, sweets, guest lists, lighting arrangements, and caterers, there’s a lot to take in and figure out. Planning a wedding can be hectic and it takes a lot of effort and time to ensure that everything is perfect on the special […]

Bejeweled : Your Wedding Jewellery Shopping Guide

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“Falling in love was the easy part; planning a wedding – yikes!”- Niecy Nash Wedding plans don’t come without a package of perfect planning, management of issues, event management and yeah, some expensive shopping too! Without shopping, it is impossible to imagine your look on your wedding day. People getting married are basically trapped in […]

Go Mint Green This Wedding Season

peach with mint

It’s cool. It’s fresh. It’s light-as-a-feather. It’s mint green, the color chosen for April because it embodies the feeling of spring. Mint green is a bright, light green. What we call mint green is not the actual color of the plant itself. As any gardener knows, the color of fresh peppermint is a dark green, […]

For the Monsoon Bride: Tips to Outsmart Rain On Your Wedding Day

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Imagine this. You have always wanted to get married(if at all you ever did) outside, in the gardens, with a panoramic scenery as the backdrop. And finally, after months of hunting, pouring over every bridal magazine you could get your hands on, and a dozen phone calls later you find your dream, picture perfect location. […]