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All About DENIMS!!

All About DENIMS!!

Hey girls, today I am gonna talk about denims!! Yup, denims are my besties and when I don’t have anything to wear or pair with, I just blindly go for denims but…wait! Now denims are not just limited to that pair of jeans you own. They’re available in skirts, shorts, jackets, and even lingerie. Spoilt […]

Design your Denim-Pepe Jeans

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”Fashion is defined by its ability to evolve, excite and create trends at breakneck speed.” – This is how the description reads on the Facebook page of Pepe Jeans London. Pepe Jeans London is the brainchild of 3 brothers – Nitin , Arun & Milan Shah , who initially set up a small stall in […]

How To Pack For A Trip To London

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Set on the River Thames, this mesmerizing city is certainly a place of must visit. So, I guess you are reading this article with the plan of visiting London in the near future, or at least, sometime in your life. First of all, let me take you through the basic trends and norms observed in […]

RESEARCH SURVEY : Skinny Jeans Can Make You Happy !

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Hello everyone! In the article, there’s a result of an interesting research survey about skinny jeans and the happiness. Yes its true! According to a new research survey, skinny jeans represent more than just your sense of style; the fit of your jeans can predict how happy and confident you are. Qualtrics, a survey platform, […]

Summer Wardrobe Essentials For Men

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Summers are definitely a relief for many given that you don’t need to be covered in those million layers of clothes anymore but it has its own set of troubles. While women seem to have a bag full of options to choose from for their daily work and casual wear, the men seem to be […]

Jeans For Every Shape And Size

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We all feel that jeans are a basic thing no one can go wrong with, after all they’re just jeans! Infact most of us get confused reading the labels – slim fit, low rise, straight fit, slim fit low rise and even slim fit straight .  Like whaaaat?! But that’s a common misconception that any […]