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hairstyle CUTOUT 2015

Hello Beautiful, In this article, I will give you the full scoop on each hairstyle trend which is fresh, hot and definitely a big yes to go this year. Now is the only time to take the plunge with some new hairstyles. So get inspired by one of these hairstyles and spice up your look. […]

Trend Alert – Women Tuxedos

Emma W

What happens when women take on men’s fashion? I’ll tell you what happens – lots. of. FABULOUS! Some bold and daring female celebrities have tried on the men’s look by wearing tuxedos to the red carpet, and the results have (almost) always been AMAZING! Be it Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie, here are some looks […]

Celebrity Beauty Secrets!

sara jessica parker

Ever wondered how your favourite celebs manage to look oh so effortlessly beautiful each and every time? In this day and age of photo shop and remarkable editing it’s really hard to decipher what is real and natural and what’s not. The aesthetically charged media of our times has set incredibly unattainable standards of beauty […]

How You Can Look Younger Without Having A Face-Lift


Why go under the knife to roll back the years when you can achieve the same aim just by eating better, sleeping more and stopping smoking?  Even cosmetic surgeon to stars like Jennifer Aniston proclaim that these simple changes in our lifestyle are enough to keep the wrinkles away. We have got to believe him […]

Let your hair down!

Long hair

  As the climate is getting worse day by day with no signs of rains, maintaining long hair can really be a task. Moreover, to get that perfect look for the parties is difficult. Here I have tried compiling 10 looks which you can carry this season for the parties and turn heads around when […]

Oscars 2015 | Who Rocked and Who Shocked?

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In the list of award ceremonies that are severely scrutinised by fashion enthusiasts (if there exists such a list), the Oscar Awards Ceremony definitely ranks number 1. The award season is only as good as the perfectly dressed stars. Fashionistas, you agree, don’t you? An estimated 37.3 million people were glued to their screens as the […]