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Top 10 Minimal Tattoos to Try Out

Top 10 Minimal Tattoos to Try Out

Tattoos have been a super rage since a long time. We have the quotes tattoo , symbol tattoo , initials tattoo and many people even go in for a profile tattoo. The profile could be of their loved ones or their favorite personalities. Tattoos have become a extension of one’s identity over the years. And […]

Cat eyes for every eye shape!

Cat eyes for every eye shape

While for some it may be as easy as combing one’s hair, for others drawing a cat eye can be hard as hell. Well we hear you gal! It can be challenging to pull off and needs a lot of patience and practise. But the result is gorgeous Cleopatra-esque eyes. What most girls don’t know is […]

Journey Of The Naked Dress

naked dress

We’ve all seen these, because of the excessive media coverage it attains whenever a celebrity does the dashing act of wearing a naked dress! And as crazy as it may sound, this unattainable look is quite in trend these days. To be clear it isn’t anything new or inventive, Marilyn Monroe was possibly the original […]