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Ladies, Add *layers* To Your Look This Winter!!


We all know that winter season is upon us, and it’s here to stay for some time! And being able to carry yourself in winters is a big task. On some days you want to add color to your wardrobe and wear a summer dress, but that’s not going to protect you from the cold! […]

Step Into The New Year With These 6 Outfits!!


Are you cooped up in your bedroom because it’s winter? What about that New Year’s party? Girl, you got to get out there and have some fun! Leave the dressing to us. You can look stylish, bold and beautiful even in winter and we are here to guide you all the way. Ward off the […]

Alexander McQueen Resort wear 2016

alexander mcqueen

  If you look at Alexander McQueen’s fall collection 2016 featuring elegant dying autumn, your mind will be soon thinking about “romance”, “beauty”, “positivity”, “flowers blooming”. Colors of spring and the hollyhocks, beautiful butterflies and violets, all of that was stitched onto extraordinary tulle (net fabric) evening dresses. “It’s the very opposite of last season’s […]