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#LifeHacks: How To Store Junk Jewellery

Jewellery pieces are extremely delicate and need to be preserved with utmost care. We pay a lot of attention to how we choose to store our diamonds, but seem to throw our junk jewellery with utmost abandon. This is so not right, ladies. You’ve got to know how to store junk jewellery efficiently if you […]

Adapting To Proper Sleeping Habits: Few Tips

Proper Sleeping Habits

Having a proper night’s sleep is the most vital part of a healthy and fit routine of a human being. Sleeping properly plays a major role in how a person behaves round the clock. When it comes to sleep- quantity does not matter at all, it is the quality and the time cycle that matters […]

Get that chewing gum off your clothes and hair!

Get that chewing gum off your clothes and hair!

We all have been there— you were taking a nice cheerful walk to a park and you sat down on a bench, without realizing that you have got gum stuck on your dress. You have scraped off as much as you could, but the damn gum is still there. Scroll down to read 5 quick […]