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All You Need To Know About The Risks Of Wearing The Wrong Sized Bra

Aah! That sudden feeling of supreme pleasure you get after you take off your bra at night, ever wondered why? Chances are that you have been keeping your beasts squished all day in such a tight bra that those poor babies haven’t been able to catch a breath. Imagine being stuffed in a tight room […]

This Company Sells Lacy Lingerie For Men & We Just Can’t!!!

Move over tighty-whities and a shade card that seems to have been lifted straight from a Bhansali movie. Here’s presenting HommeMystere, an Australian brand selling lingerie for men only! And we are talking more than the plain underwear and a vest. They have panties, G-strings, bras, bodysuits, teddys, nighties, swimwear and what not. The idea […]

5 Must have lingerie for all brides-to-be

A bride at her wedding often neglects a crucial part of her regular must-haves, and that is her lingerie. She ensures to carefully select her outfits for each function, jewellery to perfectly match the same and enhance her attire but what about her essentials like lingerie which make her feel comfortable from the inside and […]

10 Pretty Lingerie Set Choices You Cannot Afford To Miss

We cannot hide this feeling of getting awestruck by sensuous and pretty lingerie. They are so amazing that they are totally irresistible. There is always an urge to buy a pretty lingerie set and we end up splurging on them. Here is a list of most pretty lingerie set choices for your next purchase. I […]

Lingerie Essentials: 5 very important lingerie items we need in our closet

The lingerie is an essential part of a woman’s closet. But do you all have the essential lingerie in your closet? We all have those basic items in our wardrobe but these are some of the lingerie essentials which every girl must have in our closet. Let’s have a look at them. 1. Seamless Lowers […]

Lingerie Hacks: 7 must Known tips to deal with our favorite lingerie

All the girls have many favorite items in her closet. From pretty tops to sexy shorts, we love them all. But one of the most important items of our closet is lingerie. We all love to have a collection of pretty lingeries in our closet. Here, we bring few very important lingerie hacks which you […]


lingerie lessons

We have had few lingerie blogs before and we tried to tell you every possible detail about lingerie we could. But, still, there is too much more for every woman to know. We have shared few lingerie commandments, lingerie guide, lingerie shopping hacks and so much more. But there are few basic lingerie lessons which […]


Women are generally found to be very picky over some of the things like clothes, food, friends, their man, and lingerie. Yes, this is true. Women are very picky and peculiar about these things in their life. I am sure every woman reading this would relate to this fact. But have you wondered that why […]

Honeymoon Lingerie Essentials which You Must Invest In

Are you a to be bride and don’t know what to shop for your lingerie? Well, honeymoon packing has to be steaming but not at the cost of your comfort. Well, with these lingerie pieces in your suitcase, you’d be settled with surprising Mr. Hubby and loving what you wear too! Check out some of […]

5 Easy Lingerie Hacks to Make Your Inner Wear Last Longer

Let’s face it, Lingerie shopping is love but also very-very expensive (unless they are not on the super deals)! And when the underwire pokes through the skin and gets damaged, it pokes our heart. Here are 5 lingerie hacks that will make those investment pieces last a lot more. 1. Ditch the hook, Dry them […]