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Sweep everyone off their feet: 6 amazing shoes styles for every man

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I recently heard someone say “The shoe makes the man….”  With formal dresses being made mandatory in various places, from college to offices to black tie events, wearing the same shoe every time might make one feel bored. Nice footwear also adds style and class to your wardrobe. Given below is a list of eight […]

10 Looks To Carry With Your Loafers

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Move on from diamonds; shoes are the new best friends of a girl. No girl ever said that she has enough shoes. Be it sneakers, heels, pumps, or the classy loafers; we want them all. Talking about loafers, one cannot stress enough on their ease and comfort. They look chic, strong and classy, all at […]

8 Types of Shoes Every Woman Should Own


Shoes,shoes everywhere but nothing to wear.   Now, this is the reality in almost every women’s life that I know and don’t know.Say,you’re going on a day-long walking tour ,but all you have in your closet are, high-heels(which would totally kill your feet!) and some worn-out looking flats. Sure,there is a pair of converse in […]