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7 Beauty Gifts To Gift Yourself This Christmas

7 Beauty Gifts To Gift Yourself This Christmas

We have to admit- it’s great to open Christmas presents given to you by loved ones. The sound of crumpling wrapping paper and the smell of Christmas trees.. It’s definitely enthralling. But sometimes (just sometimes), a few of those gifts end up being something we don’t need or necessarily like. The idea of gifting yourself […]

10 Must know beauty hacks

lens solution in mascara

Last time I shared some amazing fashion hacks. This time I am going to share some amazing beauty hacks with you. I hope you are looking forward to the hack because these hacks will ALWAYS be by your side to save you from beauty blunders. Today’s hacks are those that can fix correct makeup, missing […]

Makeup Mistakes We All Make!

makeup mistakes

Makeup application is truly an art that only a few can master. As easy as it might seem, a minor slip up can majorly alter your appearance for the worst. Makeup done right can truly transform the face by highlighting one’s best features. While makeup done wrong can make one look older than they are […]

Maybelline- Through Thick and Thin

maybelline advertisement

Maybelline, like most other business empires, was initially a very small business that a man named Tom Lyle Williams started in a small laboratory in a small town. But unlike most other businesses, it grew to be one of the biggest companies categorising in cosmetic products, initially in its birth place New York, and then […]