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6 Hair Makeovers That Will Change Your Avatar

6 Hair Makeovers That Will Change Your Avatar

If your hairstyle can say a lot about your personality, so can your hair in its unstyled form. If you have the same haircut for months and months or years and years it gets monotonous. It’s time to get experimental. I know, I know about the fear that comes with experimenting with your hair, but […]

7 Scary Miley Cyrus Looks

Scary Miley Cyrus Looks

I always aspire to write something beautiful and composing for Miley Cyrus is really awful for me as she was one of my idol in my teenage, who dazzled millions of people through her singing talent, dance performances, and stunning looks. She is always renowned for her sugary sweet image in public and now this […]

Journey Of The Naked Dress

naked dress

We’ve all seen these, because of the excessive media coverage it attains whenever a celebrity does the dashing act of wearing a naked dress! And as crazy as it may sound, this unattainable look is quite in trend these days. To be clear it isn’t anything new or inventive, Marilyn Monroe was possibly the original […]