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Striped Tee: How to Pull it off in 10 Ways

Striped Tee: How to Pull it off in 10 Ways

Hola fashionistas! With winter already on its fag end and the latest trends in fashion that you might have missed this season, there is something you could always come up with if you still have an old striped tee and tops in your closet, which you think are far from the word ‘fashion’. Are you […]

10 Best Looks for Men for Valentine’s Day

10 Best Looks for Men for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up and so everyone is bound to be excited about it as it is a day of joy and a day to celebrate your love. Couples find special things to do on the day. Single people revel in the celebrations and hope to find love in their lives. Even non-couples celebrate […]

10 Looks To Carry With Your Loafers

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Move on from diamonds; shoes are the new best friends of a girl. No girl ever said that she has enough shoes. Be it sneakers, heels, pumps, or the classy loafers; we want them all. Talking about loafers, one cannot stress enough on their ease and comfort. They look chic, strong and classy, all at […]