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Outfit Check: Powder Blue

Outfit Check: Powder Blue

What’s the one thing in common, between Taylor Swift and Kate Middleton? The favorite color of both of them is powder blue. And like all of us, they both love dressing up in their favorite hue! So, why not give powder blue a chance this season and you might just have a new go-to color. […]

Celebrate the Rains with a Little Colour!

Colourful umbrella monsoon

The monsoon rains are here, leaving us wondering how to step up our style quotient this monsoon. Well, let’s listen up to what the experts in the field have to say! Fashion experts say women should go for brighter colours and sleek silhouettes in light fabrics. They suggest wearing fabrics that do not stick to […]

Top 8 Beauty Tips For Monsoon!


Monsoon brings with itself not just beautiful weather and romantic rains but also frizzy hair and oily, sticky skin! As a result of the added humidity in monsoon, our hair and skin go totally haywire. Are you looking for a way to look fresh and runway ready even while battling the monsoon blues? Then look […]

9 Monsoon Wardrobe Staples

Rainy season

Who doesn’t love those gloomy afternoons with hot coffee and spontaneous long drives? Then again, there’s no doubting that our favourite weather comes with its share of troubles- we are talking traffic jams, clogged sewers AND those dreadful puddles that pose to be a living nightmare for every fashionista and her exclusive designer wear. While […]

7 Cool Ways To Beat The Monsoon Blues

This gloomy weather has the potential to turn even the happiest soul into a depressed one, especially if you are one  who hates the rain and the mucky,slimy worms it brings. But don’t worry, we have come up with seven bright ways to chuck off the monsoon blues. Turn the most dullest day in to a […]