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Dance All Night To These Summer Jams


 To a lot of people, summer is about the sun, crop tops and beaches! Yeah all that’s true, but there is another thing that defines summer- and that’s MUSIC! Nothing says summer like some dance music, romantic ballads and some super cool jams! Everyone has different taste in music but these songs are THE HOT […]

Top 10 Songs To Dance On This Wedding Season

Top 10 Songs To Dance On This Wedding Season

Marriages are the sacred vow between a husband wife and we know that secretly, everyone wants the ceremony to get over so that they can make their way on to the dance floor, even the bride and groom! Dancing puts everyone in a good mood and to trigger some sexy moves, there is great music. […]

7 Scary Miley Cyrus Looks

Scary Miley Cyrus Looks

I always aspire to write something beautiful and composing for Miley Cyrus is really awful for me as she was one of my idol in my teenage, who dazzled millions of people through her singing talent, dance performances, and stunning looks. She is always renowned for her sugary sweet image in public and now this […]