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Trends we pray don’t follow us into 2016

Trends we pray don’t follow us into 2016

Every year there are a bunch of bizarre fashion trends that creep upon us and before we know it, too many people are trying it out leaving us in an utter state of dilemma whether or not to try it out on ourselves. Here are some of the trends that we left behind in 2015 […]

“Nail it”- 6 DIY Nail Arts To Make Your Nails Look Fab !

"Nail it"- 6 DIY Nail Arts To Make Your Nails Look Fab !

” Nails are the period at the end of the sentence, they complete the look!”, a very apt and true statement  said by designer Prabal Gurung. Beautiful nails are like the icing on a cake. They add that sweet & colorful flavor to your entire look.It is often said that any women can wear a […]

10 Beauty hacks part 2..

cornstarch for matte nails

Hello guys, I shared with you 10 beauty hacks earlier and here I am with a few more. As I had promised to give you the best beauty hacks, here go the rest of the hacks…. Apply concealer in a V shape Apply concealer in a V shape and not just around it. People usually […]

NAIL TRENDS 2015/2016


  From London to Milan, the nail trends that are rocking the street world belong to the taste of common mass and are easily available for painting your nails. After getting your nails freshly manicured, dilemma rises about the color of the nail paint! No more confusion about the colors u want to see on […]

DIY – Manicure at Home


Nail care is something that we always must take care of.  Along with your super cute rings, people will always notice your nails too. It’s not that we say that you must match your nail paint to the dress you wear, but it isn’t wrong to take care of the nails that you expose to […]

Summer Accessorizing


This summer, go the whole hog and accessorize like there’s no tomorrow. There are a million different ways by which you can flaunt your accessories and soak in the summer vibe. Here are a few ideas to get you started: HEAD AND BODY CHAINS     Head and body chains are definitely the more up […]