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Nail Care: 7 Important Tips

nail care tips

We women love our nails. We never miss an opportunity to show them off. But in order to do that, we need to make sure they look pretty, don’t we? Who doesn’t want to have beautiful, strong nails that don’t chip or break? These dainty and natural accessories of ours make our hands look graceful […]

NAIL TRENDS 2015/2016


  From London to Milan, the nail trends that are rocking the street world belong to the taste of common mass and are easily available for painting your nails. After getting your nails freshly manicured, dilemma rises about the color of the nail paint! No more confusion about the colors u want to see on […]



Problems like a bad hair day, messy nail paint, tight shoes, stains etc are far too common these days. Instead of spending way too much time on solving such first world problems, I decided it was better to come up with some life hacks to make these small problems disappear fast! Here’s a list of […]

Home Remedies For Weak, Brittle Nails


Like every other part of our body our nails too demand equal attention. Their care and nourishment is as essential for our health as our hands and legs’. While some people are extra careful about taking care of their nails, some couldn’t care less. The reasons for weak nails could be age, too much or […]