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A Complete Style Guide To a Pear-Shaped Woman

Pointed Heels

In today’s world, sizes don’t matter anymore! All that matters is the shape of the person and how well they carry themselves. Zero sizes or the anemic dull stick figure looks are no-matter in. Psst! Have you not heard that it’s all about the bass? Whether the song suits other body shape or not, pear […]

How to dress for your Body Shape?

apple shaped body

STYLE SOLUTION FOR EVERY BODY SHAPES Are you ladies upset with your look ?? Hate yourself with everything you have in your closet because of the way it makes you look?? Then you should consider the wardrobe change!  Rounded or curvy , Long or lean ,women are differentiated in sizes and shapes. And trust us, […]

Dress Guide According To Your Body Shape

Body Shape

In a world of ever-changing trends, knowing what exactly to wear to flatter your shape can be a really big challenge. Getting dressed up will eventually become a lot easier when you know what works for your shape. Most of the women majorly fall into these 5 categories that below. So here are some quick […]