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How to wear Pearls this season!

How to wear Pearls this season!

Pearls are one of the most versatile things you can use to accessorize! Think about it; we wear pearls for everything from sarees to evening dresses to funky casual wear. And also they come in various colours, pinks, satin whites, black, off white, orange etc. etc. the list goes on. To make sure you are […]

10 Must-Have Bangles in Your Wardrobe

Floral Bangles

Bangles are often treated as a must have accessory for a girl, mostly by our elders. Alas, we don’t share their interests and find bangles as too old a tradition to follow.Whenever we go to visit our grandma, they often complain about our dressing style and how we are not even wearing a single bangle. […]

Pearls: A Modern Girl’s New Best Friend!


A few months ago, television, newspaper, social media were flooded with news reports of a certain pearl-encrusted dress, worn by a celebrity, being stolen from her hotel room. With the world losing its head over this incident, I realised that the luxurious rarity has come a long way from being grandma’s customary hand-me-down to a […]

The Spring Look Book : Look 1, Go Floral With Drops Of Pearls

The complete Spring look 1

We’re done and dusted with Winter. Welcome Spring with a wide smile, vibrant colours and the perfect Spring look! Bring out the flower power in you, with all the bright colours you have and team them up with the pearls that shine, and go out & about, in the bright sun, fresh as Spring! Here’s […]