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#HowToFashion: Styling Pendant Necklaces The Right Way!

Don’t we all simply hate that moment when you realize that the beautiful pendant necklace you bought last week doesn’t go with the outfit you planned for it or how so many other pieces are just lying in your closet waiting to be worn out in the world but you just can’t figure how to […]

#AccessoryAddiction: How To Style Jewellery In Winter

Winters make us cover ourselves in sweaters, cardigans, coats, shawls, scarves, beanies, gloves, earmuffs and what not! Where is the space to wear jewellery even left in such a case? Well, with smooth styling and the right accessories, you can carry off a bejewelled look in winter too! After all, your jewellery reflects your personality. […]

Necklaces For Every Neckline

Necklaces For Every Neckline

While shopping, selecting a dress is easy but when you have to pair it with jewellery, the diffcult task begins. It is so hard to choose the perfect necklace for your dress. Here are the necklaces the won’t go wrong with your outfit. Follow them to make your own style statement. Turtle Neck: Long Chains […]