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Fragrances That Would Beguile Anyone

Fragrances That Would Beguile Anyone

A perfume is not just a mere fragrance or a beauty product. The scent of the perfume defines what a woman is like in a sweet and tenuous way. A fragrance portrays the personality of a woman. Anyone who has dashed out of the door and forgot to spray up their favourite perfume knows the […]

New Year’s Resolutions: Know All About Perfumes

New Year's Resolutions: Know All About Perfumes

People don’t realise that a major part of their style statement is influenced by the way they smell. You can look stunning, or you can look drop dead gorgeous, but if you don’t smell right, it can be a massive throw off. People don’t want to experiment with fragrances and go on wearing the same […]

11 Unisex perfumes one must try!

11 Unisex perfumes one must try!

We all know the how the aroma market has been divided into men and female fragrances and only a small number exists of what can truly be called unisex fragrances. Besides our father’s and boyfriend’s perfumes some ladies (like me) love to wear, perfumers claim some fragrances can go both ways – like these: 1) […]

7 Perfumes That Cost Less than Rs. 1500 But Smell AMAZING!


Everyone wants to smell great. There’s no doubt about that. But not all of us can keep spending what we do on all those expensive perfumes that we love so much. And luckily, we won’t need to because, believe it or not there are perfumes out there that kill two birds with one stone: They cost […]

The Love for Fragrances

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Lets admit it, who doesn’t want to smell great? I love fragrances and end up finishing a lot of bottles of body sprays and perfumes. And the best part is, instead of spending a heavy price on these sprays we can get the perfect ones in such a reasonable price. So, here I have tried […]

Choosing The Right Body Mist

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A bottle of a perfume is an inevitable ingredient of every woman’s purse. But, nowadays there is a growing demand for Body Mists compared to perfumes not only because of the softness of the scent, but mostly because of it’s price. Before choosing the right body mist for your body, it is important for you […]