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Top 8 Hairstyles To Rock This Christmas

Top 8 Hairstyles To Rock This Christmas

With Christmas knocking on the front door, there are more and more butterflies in the stomach, girls are pulling up their socks with what to wear this Christmas but amidst all the chaos, they forget about the hairstyle! Right hairstyle is as crucial as choosing the right dress that will suit your body type. So, […]

10 easy hairstyles for long hair!

hairstyles for long hair

The biggest dilemma that I face before going out somewhere is what I should do with my hair. Leave it open?  Or tie it up? When it comes to hairstyles, my skills are limited to the good old ponytail or a simple braid. Even though my hair has considerable length, I am always in a […]

4 Summer Hairstyles That You’ll Love

Hairstyles Messy Bun

As we start getting in the Summer and during the hottest days, I simly know that having long hair is often a nightmare. You just can’t control them, they constantly make you sweaty, itchy and above all annoyed. So, the last few days’ excessive heat (even in England, for god’s shake!) inspired me to write […]