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Bookish Obsessions-Wear Your Geek On Your Sleeve!


Are you a bookworm? Or just a lover of books? Or you love all things pop? Either way, you must have come across lines or quotes that keep you happy. Some might make you think, others might inspire you. How would you love to carry around those words of wisdom with you? From t-shirts to […]

7 Scary Miley Cyrus Looks

Scary Miley Cyrus Looks

I always aspire to write something beautiful and composing for Miley Cyrus is really awful for me as she was one of my idol in my teenage, who dazzled millions of people through her singing talent, dance performances, and stunning looks. She is always renowned for her sugary sweet image in public and now this […]

All hail the Minionomenon!

minions featured pic

The world of fashion has succumbed to yellow fever-and we absolutely love it! No, I have not gone entirely bonkers. But a host of fashion designers seem to have caught the fever for sure. They’ve fallen head-over-heels in love with certain amoeba-like yellow creatures from a movie franchisee. And can you blame them? Given that […]