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6 Signs He’s Cheating On You!

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Relationships are extremely fragile. They require efforts from both sides in order for it to sustain. But unfortunately, monogamy is too cruel a rule for some. Is your relationship with your man not all fun and games like it used to be? Does he tend to panic every time you ask for his phone? Or […]

Ways To Get Over Your Ex!


Lucky are those people who are fortunate enough to spend their entire lives with their first loves. But for the rest of us, heartbreak is part and parcel of dating and relationships. It’s indeed strange how someone who meant the whole world to you once is now a complete stranger. Moving on can be extremely […]

6 Types Of Guys To Avoid At All Costs!

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It is said that ‘Love conquers all’. Love is truly a wonderful feeling. It has the ability to make us believe in fairy tales and romance! But hold it right there, girls! It’s time to come back to reality. Our love life is not a plot of a Hollywood movie. Everything does not fall into […]


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Are you in love, ladies? Is it getting difficult for you to tackle your man? Are you tired of trying everything but still things are not on the right path? Cheer up, girls! Don’t lose hope, we have come up with some great tips on how you can impress your man and set your love […]

Ways to Spice Up Your Love Life!

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Want to rekindle that love of yours? Want those sparks back? Want that longing back? Then you need to work on your relationship loves! No need to worry, you just need to woo your partner (again!) and show them how much you want them and how much they want you too. In every relationship, there […]

Gorgeous Ladies, Player men: Cricketers with B-Town Girlfriends


With the ICC Cricket world cup fever heated up, though India lost the semi finals. And its hard to get over  with it so soon, we hear about the BOLLYWOOD and CRICKET romance and its been on since ages…some of the relationships have been successful and some end abruptly…Nevermind… These kinda hot topics about cricketer’s […]