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Embracing Motherhood: Top 10 Looks Of Kareena Kapoor During Pregnancy

Kareena Kapoor pregnancy look

The beautiful diva Kareena Kapoor has entered a new phase in her life which is one of the most beautiful phases in a life of a woman. Motherhood! Kareena is known to be someone who never believes in hiding her personal life from the media or the paparazzi. Be it her relationship, her marriage, her movies or […]

7 horrible fashion faux pas by Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan

We always see our favourite celebs dressed perfectly from tip to the toe and making a remarkable entry everywhere. But, everyone makes mistakes and so does our beloved bollywood celebrities who’ve had their share of embarrassment which the whole world sees. But there’s someone who is constantly nagging the fashion police with her poorly carried […]