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8 Hairstyles To Try With Indian Wear


Back in the days, girls mainly wore a salwar or a sari. The jeans and skirt trend was around but not that much of a rage. Even the hairstyles were a simple braid or a classic bun. Time went by, we got Hollywood on our TV screens and then boom, technology happened. We got bombarded […]

Top 5 Celebrity Inspirations For The Outfits of Bride’s Mother

Top 5 Celebrity Inspirations For The Outfits of Bride's Mother

Weddings are made in heaven which makes it necessary for us to look like angels. Dressing up beautifully is not just for the Bride but also for her mother. Here we are to bring forth the prettiest of Indian Wedding Wear inspired by the timeless beauties of Bollywood such as Rekha, Hema Malini and many […]

10 Best Celebrity Looks In Silk Sarees!

10 Best Celebrity Looks In Silk Sarees!

Many celebrities have taken to the trend of wearing silk sarees. Women dazzle in silk sarees in movies and award functions. The traditional ones to modern, silk sarees are the one to try out now! Here are some of the best celebrity looks in silk sarees (in no particular order). 1. Rekha – The evergreen […]


Chikankari with beads

India is a craft-rich country and that’s no surprise. But what is actually surprising is that one of its most authentic and precious crafts, i.e., EMBROIDERY, is still not very well known to the present generation and is now gradually on the verge of losing its identity among the laymen though ironically, it is embroidery […]

Desi-fying Your Wardrobe!

Plain black kurti

This post is going to be brief but just enough to add sass to the “Desi” bit of your wardrobe. Who doesn’t like Ethnic? You might be from any part of this country but ‘Being Desi’ runs in your blood. I can proudly say that I can carry the Desi look boldly and confidently and […]

Sarees Galore

celeb 4

Sarees are a garment that every Indian, young or old, will know about and admire. It takes a special skill to craft a saree, and an equal amount of skill to drape and wear one. Sarees have been part of Indian culture and history since inception. In spite of global influences and turning of fancies […]