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8 Gorgeous Kurtas For Women For All Occasions

The woes of deciding what to wear to not just parties or functions, even to office and daily shopping sprees is absolutely real! More real than we would want it to be. Definitely, dresses and western wear can be fun and flirty, but you can never underestimate the power of ethnic wear!  Not only are […]

How to Shop for Clothes Online and Get a Perfect Fit

How to Shop for Clothes Online

Shopping for clothes online has many advantages. You have thousands of stores at your fingertips and you can browse them whenever it suits you, be it day or night. The best deals are one click away. There is no waiting in fitting room queues for an eternity, and then again standing in another queue at […]

7 Ways To Get Over Your Shopping Addiction

7 Ways To Get Over Your Shopping Addiction

In this case, be a quitter and give up shopping for your own good. If “love to shop and shop to love” is what you live for, you are surely a shopaholic and need help as all addicts need to be controlled. Do not shop till you drop. Save money for future and spend wisely. […]