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Wearing Shorts on Any Occasion

lace top with denim

Shorts are comfortable, versatile and cool. The best surprise shorts give you is that you can wear them in any season, be it summer or monsoon! For every occasion, shorts can be your best friends. Girls, if you don’t have some good pairs of shorts in your wardrobe, don’t waste your time anymore. Hurry up […]

Bottoms You Need In Your Wardrobe This Summer!

Bottoms You Need In Your Wardrobe This Summer!

 Summer season gets everyone out on the streets, flaunting their summer bods and legs! But at the same time, you gotta make sure you don’t sweat out like crazy with your fashion! It’s a usual thinking that summer calls for dresses, but how about you keep it chic with some super comfy, yet sexy bottoms […]

Newfangled 2016: Men’s Fashion Trends

Newfangled 2016: Men's Fashion Trends

Every passing year sets new fashion trends and makes it memorable for the fashion industry, so did the year 2016 which brought some prodigious trends for men to follow. Though trends change with every passing year, 2016 has some cool trends which have the features to be lasting for a very long time. In a […]

Wardrobe Malfunctions-Let’s Fix Them!!

bra strap

Hello everyone! In this article we will be talking about wardrobe malfunctions. Wardrobe malfunction may vary from minor to drastic ones. They can be as small as visibility of straps to as large as slipping of a tube dress from bust. So,let’s talk about wardrobe malfunctions and some ways to fix them! The most common […]

How Not To Dress This Summer


Summer is the only time when we sweat profusely by doing nothing. It’s also the time to experiment with your new cool looks. But while experimenting, we all have moments where we regret wearing a particular outfit. The sweat and hot sun up in the sky, don’t cooperate with us even for a second. All […]

Master The Button Down Like A Fashionista

button down shirt

This is possibly the one closet staple everyone owns. If you don’t, fret not because you can easily steal it from your boyfriend, flatmate, your cousin or your closest friend. But after realizing the million outfit possibilities that come with it, I’m pretty sure you’ll end up buying a few pieces for yourself right away. […]

Gender equality dressing !!(girls as boys)

The dude look!

Hello everyone, this article is gonna be a fun read. This article is about gender equality in dressing; how a woman can dress as a man according to the said stereotypical standards. Let us begin with discussing how women, with their dressing style, can depict equality. A pair of jeans, a loose t-shirt, a scarf […]