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6 Natural Face Masks For Glowing Skin

Most of us wish to have a skin that is flawless and glowing, but we often find ourselves with dry, dull, lifeless skin that is prone to acne and pigmentation; thanks to our unhealthy diet, polluted air, stress and let’s not even get started on the complete absence of a decent skincare regime from our […]

5 DIY Face Masks For a Radiant Skin

We all love those face masks that make the face radiant and flawless. They come in all forms- the good old clay mask, the hydrating gel masks, the beloved sheet masks, on the trend bubbling masks and the list goes on. But if you really think you absolutely, necessarily, have to go out and waste your […]

7 Benefits of Honey That You will Find a Bliss in For Sure

7 ways in which you can use honey

The benefits of honey are not hidden from anyone, right? It is wonderful for your skin, your hair and even helps in weight loss! We wonder if one single product could be as versatile as honey! If you are still not using honey in your diet and skin care regime, then here we give you […]

Essentials For A Flawless Skin

skin care

Hello girls! We have come up with a simple daily skin care regimen for you all. We know when it comes to skin care, facial skin tops the list. Firstly, because this skin is delicate and highly prone to foreign elements that could cause infections and allergies. Secondly, it is highly-sensitive and extensive exposure to the different […]

Rose Water: 7 Ways To Tackle Monsoon Skin Woes

rose water dabur cover

You know you don’t love monsoon so much when your body is covered with sweat and the skin no longer feels supple. Monsoon season can take a serious toll over your skin and make it look worn out. But, with simple DIY methods, you can splash some rose water on your face in different ways […]

“The Bath Candy Company”: Beauty Blessing or Disaster?

The Bath Candy Company

In recent times, organic beauty products have been the trend rulers and rightly so! With summer descending upon us and with the process of doing away with heavy beauty products, I have resorted to a more natural and organic skin care regime to help my skin breathe this hot season. After extensive research, I found […]

9 Ways to Smell Fresh and Avoid Vaginal Odour

9 Ways to Smell Fresh and Avoid Vaginal Odour

Girls have often faced the problem of a foul smelling vagina that sometimes can lead to embarrassing situations where no one wants to picture themselves. A lot of women tend to overlook the most delicate part of their body which is always poorly ventilated and suffocated and needs just as much care, if not more, […]

Detoxifying Essentials For Men

Detoxifying Essentials For Men

Our body is made of about 75% water solution and we do not realize that most of the body gets converted pretty much into a toxic dump. This affects the entire human body, especially the skin. The skin itself is an organ of elimination of the body that transports the excessive toxins through the lymphatic […]



What is the worst nightmare of any fashionista? The ubiquitous reply would be a chorus of sounds yelling PIMPLES! It is the unwanted gift of puberty which nature so affectionately handed to us and one which we can never return. So, what to do in a situation where you are hounded by pimples at every […]

Sunscreen For Every Skin Type

Sunscreen For Every Skin Type

If you believe that the sun can only cause harm to your skin during scorching summers, think again! During winters, it can damage our skin equally and continue bothering us with problems like skin ageing. So, here is your guide on how to pick a sunscreen according to your skin type, especially during winter. Dry […]