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Allergic To Junk Jewellery? Here’s How You Can Tackle It

As much as we love junk  jewellery, for many of us, it can be a real pain in the ass. The rashes, the itching, heck, the green stains on the skin! Junk jewellery allergies can be a nightmare. While the ideal solution would be to stop wearing  them altogether but you know there are some […]

6 Natural Face Masks For Glowing Skin

Most of us wish to have a skin that is flawless and glowing, but we often find ourselves with dry, dull, lifeless skin that is prone to acne and pigmentation; thanks to our unhealthy diet, polluted air, stress and let’s not even get started on the complete absence of a decent skincare regime from our […]

DIY Skincare Routine: Natural and Effective Solutions for All Skin Types


In today’s world, our skin faces numerous challenges due to aging, makeup products, and pollution. The use of chemical-laden makeup products can lead to skin breakage, premature aging, and damage. To combat these issues and maintain healthy, glowing skin, a regular skincare routine is essential. However, many commercial skincare products also contain harsh chemicals, making […]

Top 10 must-haves in your makeup bag

Ruby Red Lipstick

If you apply make up I am sure you carry a makeup bag with you everywhere you go, afterall you never know when you might need some touch-ups. Being beauty conscious has its perks and drawbacks, one being that you might hoard a lot of make-up into your bags most of the times, making your […]

Get Your Skin Ready for Summer

Skin Ready for summer

Every year we promise ourselves that we will prepare our bodies for summer on time, and yet it always catches us unprepared. Although the summer season is just around the corner, there is still time to get your skin glowing for the beach. Here are a few useful tips to get you started. 1. Full […]

“Odour Beyond Body Border”: 6 Ways to Avoid Body Odour in Summers!

6 Ways to Avoid Body Odour in Summers!

“Heat and Sun, Summers have BEGUN!” Yes people…it’s the season of chilled drinks and yummy ice-creams! But, not to forget the immense heat and the scorching sun above us all the time! Summers, I am sure all of you will agree, takes a toll over our bodies, we want to do a lot many things, […]



This golden nectar may not look like a lot but it sure does pack a punch! From dear old Cleo back in Egypt to the next beauty queen, everyone swears by honey. It is after all the easiest way to achieve perfect skin, hair, weight, you name it! PREVENTING ACNE Honey is naturally anti-bacterial. So […]

Top 10 Home Remedies For Frostbites

Top 10 Home Remedies For Frostbites

  Apart from the chilling cold, winter brings us several other hardships, one of those is frostbites! Yes, frostbites occur when there is exposure of the body to extreme cold. People living in cold regions, people who are exposed to harsh cold temperature, people who consume alcohol, and are frequently dehydrated suffer from frostbites the […]

9 Everyday Mistakes that cause Unhealthy Skin

9 Everyday Mistakes that cause Unhealthy Skin

Do you know that everything you do reflects on your skin? Yes! How you sleep, what you eat and how often do you shave- absolutely everything will decide how healthy your skin really is. Here are 9 everyday mistakes we make which prevent the glow from within. Here’s what not to do for healthier skin! […]


kama ayurveda

HI PEEPS 🙂 Today I’m going to discuss about the much dreaded summer Acne and how to fight against it. Acne is caused by skin contact with certain ingredients in cosmetics that causes friction and irritation. Sweat mixed with excessive oil, as well as dirt and bacteria on the skin’s surface that clogs pores, aggravates acne-prone […]