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DIY Skincare Routine: Natural and Effective Solutions for All Skin Types


In today’s world, our skin faces numerous challenges due to aging, makeup products, and pollution. The use of chemical-laden makeup products can lead to skin breakage, premature aging, and damage. To combat these issues and maintain healthy, glowing skin, a regular skincare routine is essential. However, many commercial skincare products also contain harsh chemicals, making […]

6 everyday (but amazing) looks you gotta try!

smudged cat eyes

Makeup is an absolute guilty pleasure activity. Once a girl is addicted to makeup, she becomes a forever fan of it! Every girl knows that no matter the dress or accessory that she has worn, the entire outfit just doesn’t seem to pull off without a tiny bit of Kajal lining her eyes! So, your […]

5 Hair Colours You Can Never Go Wrong With


Anyone who has ever decided to color their hair knows how confusing it is to pick the right one. A color that not only makes them look different, but also makes their hair look healthy and gorgeous. When it comes to hair, getting the perfect hue is very important. If you want a completely different […]

5 Lipstick Shades You Must Own This Summer

cherry red lip colour

Its summer time and you have everything perfect. You’ve got your wardrobe right, you’ve got your footwear right and even your accessories are perfectly in sync with the climatic trend but what keeps you doubtful about your entire outfit is that one last element before you’re ready to step out in the sun- the perfect […]

Oscars 2015 | Who Rocked and Who Shocked?

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In the list of award ceremonies that are severely scrutinised by fashion enthusiasts (if there exists such a list), the Oscar Awards Ceremony definitely ranks number 1. The award season is only as good as the perfectly dressed stars. Fashionistas, you agree, don’t you? An estimated 37.3 million people were glued to their screens as the […]