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9 Everyday Mistakes that cause Unhealthy Skin

9 Everyday Mistakes that cause Unhealthy Skin

Do you know that everything you do reflects on your skin? Yes! How you sleep, what you eat and how often do you shave- absolutely everything will decide how healthy your skin really is. Here are 9 everyday mistakes we make which prevent the glow from within. Here’s what not to do for healthier skin! […]

Skin Care for Brides


Finally the day you were waiting for has come and it’s time for you to live your entire life with your prince charming . And who does not want to look best on this special day? But it is not a magic world and you have to take care of yourself especially your skin, darling! So, to […]

Beauty Benefits Of Lemon

Lemon Reduces pimple

If you are in search of an ingredient that can cure all your beauty problems than lemon is the one. Your skin loves lemon. Lemons are easily available and this citric fruit is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Phosphorus and Carbohydrates. The fruit acids are good for skin and are very productive in enhancing your […]

Lotions for You!


A hydrated and moisturized skin is a must for everyone. Lotions are basic essentials for the summer regime and can be applied anyway and anywhere. They not only keep the moisture stay locked in but also, keep you looking fresh and radiant. In short, they are a must and here is our list of the […]