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Benefits Of Yoga!


The perks of practicing yoga are known to all. In light of the International Yoga Day, the benefits of yoga have come to the fore like never before. People from all over the world are indulging in our traditional ancient practice. Then why rob yourself of the bounty that yoga has to offer? The results […]

Better Health Just Ahead: 7 Simple Stress Relievers for Good Health


How Do You React To Stress? Do you tend to become angry or agitated? You may respond best to relaxation techniques that quiet you down, such as meditation, deep breathing or imaginary. Do you tend to become depressed, withdrawn or spaced out? You may respond best to relaxation techniques that are stimulating and that energize your […]

10 Tips To A Healthier Mane!

blow drying

Ever since we were wee little girls, the importance of hair care was fed to us through various means. Be it your grandma constantly reminding you to oil your hair or through childhood fables like Rapunzel that emphasized on the beauty of long, healthy hair. Then why stop caring now? A healthy, glossy head of […]