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Summer Clothing Must-Haves!

Denim shorts

It’s finally time to get rid of those layers and wear thin and comfortable clothing, reveal your curves and feel at your best, yes you see it right… SUMMER IS HERE! Ah, summer, the season to go all out with colors and patterns. There’s something for everyone in summer. In my opinion, summer is an […]

Crop ’em Up This Summer!

Crop tops for summer

“The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever.” Summer is all about ice-creams, party scenes and beach-y dreams! Holidays and plans have been made to make the most of the season! Although it is the perfect time to hang out with your friends by the beach or go on a road trip, it is […]

Bollywood Inspired Summer Trends 2016

Bollywood Inspired Summer Trends 2016

Summer is here already and we are continuously on the lookout for something comfortable yet stylish to carry ourselves in. Thanks to the hot and humid temperatures, it is a big task to pick out something that will be a head-turner. Be it a family function or a casual evening out or something to wear […]

Sassy Summer Wardrobe: Styling Guide And Essentials

Sassy Summer Wardrobe: Styling Guide And Essentials

It’s finally summer and we can’t wait for the summer vacation and bask in the summer sun. However summer also means scorching heat, humidity and plenty of tanning. It’s the time to embrace neutrals and wear everything cotton. Nevertheless, summer also means staying fashionable always while you rock those long days at the beach with […]

Summer Wardrobe Essentials For Men

Men's fashion

Summers are definitely a relief for many given that you don’t need to be covered in those million layers of clothes anymore but it has its own set of troubles. While women seem to have a bag full of options to choose from for their daily work and casual wear, the men seem to be […]