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How To Style Colored Blazers This Winter: 8 Best Ways

How To Style Colored Blazers

Who says winter should be gray and you feeling bulky under all those jumpers? To add a breath of fresh color to your rather somber wardrobe, we recommend a pop-colored blazer to be installed in your closet first thing this season. Wonder Wardrobes creates 8 best ways to style a colored blazer, but we suggest that […]

Toasty Legs These Winters

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Wintry Confessions So, Bombay winters are just cool summers here in our beloved coastal city. Correct. So, winters here are just an excuse to wear those Vogue inspired, fur-lined coats, those knee-high fringed boots, those lovely cashmeres and sexy woolens. Better. But well you did spend the fashion winters wearing mini-skirts and short dresses, even if […]

Top 10 Dresses To Wear This Christmas

Top 10 Dresses To Wear This Christmas

 It can be easy to get stuck in a rut during winter when the weather is miserable—black pants, same old sweater, and that go-to peacoat. Sounds familiar? Well, it’s actually incredibly easy to stand out this season with minimal effort. While we undoubtedly love dressing up, there’s sometimes nothing better than snuggling up in the […]

Transition From Winter To Spring


Winter 2014 brought us many new styles and fashion statements like stripes, geometric prints, dark florals and pastels. Like most women we realized we cannot bear the thought of not owning these amazing items and thus raided the stores filling our already overflowing wardrobes with these amazing winter pieces. But since most of us don’t […]