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‘Kill the Chill’ – 6 Feel Good Drinks For Winters!

'Kill the Chill' - 6 Feel Good Drinks For Winters!

Ladies, it’s winter time! Time for those cosy, soft blankets, bonfires, sitting in the comfy winter sun, eating roasted peanuts and just enjoying this laid back, fun-filled festive season! Winter has its own charm, the late dawns, the chilly breezes that make us lazy, but nonetheless, make us fall in love with this season. Sitting […]

Winter Love- 10 Ways to style a Sweater Dress


New day, new beginnings and here I am with a new perspective and a new dream. Wonder Wardrobes has finally happened after longest times of mindless wanderings on how to go about it. You know how it is, the ifs, hows and whats can mostly be blamed for all ideas that see their burial before […]

7 Foods To Avoid In Winter

Foods To Avoid In Winter

Cold weather in an otherwise hot country can be truly beautiful. But, it does come with caveats. Some of the most innocuous foods, when eaten in cold weather, can cause all sorts of problems, especially when eaten at night. Here’s a list of all the temptations that you must avoid at dinner time for the […]



Winter is underway; the greatest problem faced by every girl is how to organize the bulky winter clothing in the closet. Everything seems to fall, never being able to find the sweater you wanted to wear. The wardrobe looks like a hot mess with the ever-growing collection of cozy sweaters. Sorting out your cupboards is […]

10 Upcoming Accessories Trends for Fall-Winter 2015-16

accessories for fall-winter

Time to feel the warmth of love in golden sunlight with the smell of snow…! Hey.. hey.. hay… the season of rejoicing oneself in cosy duvets with a cup of hot coffee choco delights with style as fall is spreading its wings. So gear up guys and deck up your closet with hiphot trendy accessories […]