By presenting the trendiest collection from his amazing intellect, Tarun Tahiliani again wins the heart of many. It was a casual walk in a museum that bewitched the fashion experts and the shutterbugs at Lakme Fashion Week 2015. Reliance trends presented the Czar of Couture, Tarun Tahiliani’s “post modern” collection inspired by the work of the Singh Twins at Lakme Fashion Week 2015.


He revived the technique of miniature paintings , which Tarun translated beautifully onto digitally printed clothes. Tarun brought the Mughal style and class with a touch of modern zest and playful zing onto the collection. The ace designer used the multiple layers of with Persian motifs and borders.


He used the bright hues with light colors and combined with the amazing style of drapes with Persian borders.  Using pom poms with the beautifully printed black coat giving a new dimension to dhoti in women fashion & styling. He used the most influential element of Indian costume, Indian drapes. The dhoti sari and many more versions of the drape kept the audience enthralled. He combined the sari with a lot of other contemporary styles like shorts, tops and western coats with miniature effects.



Tarun Tahilyani is the man behind experimenting with the colors and drapes, what he presented was amazing mix of art, culture and tradition with modern and contemporary finish. Mixing shorts with colorful paintings intricately printed on sheer and light fabrics was a mesmerizing idea.When it comes to the color selection, Tarun is as always catchy and he very well knows what color palette has to be followed in his collection.


Playing with shades of white is Tarun’s favorite game, he used his favorite “chikankari” technique in his collection. Silk as a dominating fabric in this collection, he paired the dhoti drape with the loose top with the flare from the empire line.

Keeping in his mind the mood of the collection and the category he designed in, he was very generous as white led the list with black, followed by muted tones and some bold bright hues like rust, orange, dark blue, red.


He used “turbans” in a modernized way and paired them with glasses to complete the look. A touch of Russian folk art was observed along with geometric patterns that emerged from sleeves, lapels and linings. There were flowing silk kaftans, where the paintings were visualized in all their beauty. The perfect use of colors like yellow with front layering in maxi gave another level to the resort wear this season.


Men’s wear included lots of wildly printed shirts, waistcoats with or without quilting; sherwani with cowl drape , a set of shaded blue/green sherwani and waistcoat and long coats, with placement prints gave the line a very vibrantly hued appearance.

tarun-tahiliani_lakme-fashion-week_2015_17   tarun-tahiliani_lakme-fashion-week_2015_15

The very gorgeous  Chitrangada Singh closed the show in a long sleeve multicolored blouse with a voluminous colorful layered net printed skirt and an impressive cummerbund.


If you want to carry these looks, you are fortunate enough to hear that yes, you can definitely do that. The collection presented by Tarun Tahilyani is a perfect choice as it offers numerous mix and match options for all seasons.



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