Textile Techniques & Indian Crafts In Fashion

embroidery on neck

How great it is that you get to wear intricately designed ethnic wear in your daily life. Whether it is a tiring college day or a casual get together with friends, these subtle yet sophisticated designs not only give a traditional look but also highlight precious crafts and techniques of our country.


There are a number of brands that offer interesting and delicate textile techniques like embroidery, motifs, repetition of motifs, tie & die, mirror works, kalamkari & madhubani art on fabrics, weaving & hand-woven fabrics, bandhej and gota work.

mirror work on kurtas

Companies offer a stunning range of kurtis with striking embroidery on cotton and tonal prints inspired by the Mughal period. Textile sector has been used by the apparel brands in resourceful way. They are coming up with crafts of the country and showcasing in a modern style.

Textiles have a wide range of printing techniques; namely block printing, Ikat fabrics, tie- dyeing ,kalamkari that are frequently used by the companies in the development of fresh designs.Mirror work of Rajasthan and Gujarat is beautifully used in the collars and the borders of the kurtis. Tie- Dyeing techniques like “leheriya” & “Bandhej” are efficiently used in the lower ending of the garments giving a flair & beauty to the kurtis.

gota work

Let’s see how the rich heritage, crafts of our country has given us striking and mesmerizing ways to look beautiful and sexy.


Those delicate and reflecting mirrors; big and small, on beautiful fabrics. Isn’t it the marvelous thought? Luckily, it is not a thought! Amazing craft of Rajasthan & Gujarat is a vivid mirror of states culture & heritage.

mirror work on clothes

Colorful, vibrant & what not! This rich and flashy craft not only fits in festive season and weddings but also in daily lifestyle !

mirror work
mirror work

Pair a mirrored blouse with a plain lehenga and a beautiful net dupatta and you are all ready for a wedding celebration.




With fine needles, threads ,yarns and pearls , they decorate the fabric . A number of designers have already utilized this opportunity to create awesome creations.


For a bright sunny day, you have a cool option of light weight kurtis embroidered with white threads.


For a traditional function, you have more embellished and heavy embroidery with golden threads and sequins!



With all those colorful motifs again, you have an amazing option of wearing them with anything you want. Pair them either with a contrast churidar, salwar or a simple jeans of your choice.



tie dye

Tie and dye the fabric and you see organized, unorganized, flattering, concentrated patterns you will love.

From western to Indian, tie – dyeing is frequently used in apparel industry.

tie and die biba

Vibrant & geometric in pattern, path work is created with different types of cloth pieces on apparels. This technique has an abstract and an organized way of representing the style.

patch work

Colorful and loud, this men’s jeans is made of patchwork. Why to wait? Flaunt your looks with rich cultural heritage of the country and feel proud.

patch work jeans


There are some other techniques namely Kalamkari, that you can also follow by donning them on a wedding night.


designer kurtis


All around the country, there are a lot of craft and textile techniques that are very popular among the top designers. Make yourself stylish & traditional with these lovely techniques !

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