The Basics Of Men’s Fashion : T-Shirts

Hi readers, today we are gonna talk about the most loved clothing of Men’s Wardrobe : T-Shirts. We just love T-shirts. T-shirts are so comfortable, easy to wear, easy to wash not to mention- extremely time saving while wearing. You can sleep in them and then go out next morning in the same T-shirt looking all cool and hip(provided you sleep in a cool T’s to begin with 😉 ). T-shirts were initially worn under the uniform by US soldiers and marines. They were to be used as undergarments. But soon the people realized the versatility of the T-shirts and started wearing them outdoors, and thank God they did!!!!! Well these are the things which makes me want to say, “God Bless America!!!” Its time that I stop beating around the bush and get to the point. So lets discuss the types of T-shirts and how to nail the perfect look sporting them.

Types of T-shirts –

Crew neck –
The round neck T-shirt that we wear is called the crew neck T-shirt. Read the previous article for nailing the perfect fit. Crew neck T-shirts should be preferred if you have a longer neck or a small chest.

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V-neck –

V-neck T-shirts, as the name suggests have a V shaped neck. V-neck T’s will help you flaunt your big chest if you have been working out. People who have a shorter neck should prefer V-neck T’s as it makes your neck look longer, and thereby making you look a little taller .

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Polo –

Collared T’s are called Polo T-shirts. Polo T’s are very versatile. They can be used to wear in semi-formal events, casual Fridays in office or going out with friends. You just have to keep in mind the trousers you wear according to the places you are planning to go.

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Henley –

Henley T’s looks like a polo, but with the collars lopped off. They look great on people who have likes to wear fitted T-shirts and have an athletic body.


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Classic T-s – 

In fashion there are some things that never go out of style – They are called the Classics. While building a wardrobe there are few T’s that you must have, no matter what. These are the T-shits that you can pair with almost anything and they also come handy in layering. So three classic colored T’s that you must own are –  White, Black and Grey. First you should own these three colored plain T’s and then think of expanding your wardrobe. Any wardrobe is incomplete without these Classics. So here is a look book for you to make things easier for you.

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I hope this look book proves helpful for you newbies. Try experimenting with different types of T-shirt, use these classic colors, wear them with confidence and see what type of T-shirt looks best on you. Leave your comments below and tell me what’s your favorite type of T-shirt. So, until next time…Goodbye!



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    A fair enough successor to your last article. Mate i’ll be grateful if you can also write one on how to choose shorts since summer is at its peak right now.

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